Cost per linear metre, quality, finish and design are the best I have found during our 8 year AD journey – I only wish this system had been available sooner in the UK.
Peter Hailes, Agri-gen
Your men on site were top class. Very helpful and done a fantastic installation job, perfectly coordinated.
Kirk Denim, Anglian Water
CBS were very flexible and listened closely to what we wanted, which was not to over-complicate matters at a steep development, which already has its challenges. Access restrictions didn’t faze them at all. The new precast panels flew in. Ten days installation instead of five weeks has been a big benefit to us.
Mark Cutler, McDermott Homes
Our customer William Nicol is very happy with what’s been achieved and how quickly it was carried out. The panels have an excellent finish. Made in a factory environment, there is clearly greater quality control.
Ewan Riddoch, W M Donald
CBS supplied us with a very consistent finish to the concrete panels. We had just under 800 linear metres delivered to site within a short period. A job well done in tight time constraints.
Steve Ripley , Pretoria Energy
We purchased a full load of freestanding grain walling from CBS for harvest last year. We’re delighted with them. They are easy to handle with forklift toes and lock together well on a level floor. We have had grain heaped on one side of the panels only and they never moved even after the grain was heaped up with a grain push. Good value for money and decent people to work with.
William Ronaldson, Westerseat Farm