T-Type Retaining Wall

Features & Benefits

  • Heights from 2m – 3m
  • Wall Lengths between 1m -4m
  • Exceptional Concrete Strength
  • Double Load Capacity
  • Free-Standing & Bolt-Down Options

The T-shaped precast retaining wall units are a fast, effective solution for projects where the walls will be loaded on both faces of the wall.

Product Overview

CBS T-type retaining walls are designed for applications where a load will be placed on to both sides of the retaining wall.

The retaining walls are Suitable for a variety of applications such; as earth retention, landscaping, aggregate bays, waste & recycling storage, bulk material, to name a few. 

  • Walls come in lengths of between 1 – 4 metres meaning that expensive complicated groundwork’s are not required due to the increased weight and stability of the unit.
  • Huge cost savings can be made with the simple foundation requirements paired with the fast and simple installation
  • T- type retaining walls are available in many variants with a tapering thickness to equal thickness throughout the height of the retaining wall unit.
  • T- walls available with modified base to allow for a slight curvature to be achieved in a section of retaining wall.
  • Corner sections available upon request.
  • Units available with either groove-groove or tongue-groove joint detail.

Product Applications

  • Earth Retention
  • Storage Bays
  • Landscaping
  • Salt Storage
  • Aggregate Storage
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Bulk Material Storage

Surcharge Capacity

The precast retaining wall units are designed to retain free draining granular material with a maximum density of 18kN/m³. In addition to this, they will also withstand a 10kN/m² surcharge.


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Foundation Options

The reinforcement design for this unit is ideally suited for projects where the retained material is on both sides.

Depending on the application & site ground conditions, the T-walls will not require fixing and can be installed directly onto a Type1 sub-base & sand/cement blinding layer.

If you are installing onto an existing foundation, a resin anchor system can be used to prevent sliding.


01949 480 250