Silage Clamp Walls

Silage Clamp Walls

Features & Benefits

  • Height – 3.1m
  • Wall Length – 2.4m
  • Exceptional Concrete Strength
  • Chamfered Edges as standard
  • Slope Top Panel Option
Silage clamp walls consist of a retaining wall panel and a combined drainage and seating channel. Manufactured from high grade concrete silage clamp walls have a smooth, even finish. 

Product Overview

The CBS Retaining Walls earth bank silage clamp walls, is a high quality precast concrete sloping wall silage clamp system.

A besopke precast retaining wall panel, combined seating and drainage channel, the Earth Bank Clamp allows for high levels of compaction to be achieved directly up to the retaining wall whilst also providing drainage solutions and a walking platform at the perimeter of the silage clamp.

CBS Concrete Products Earth Bank Clamp system offers the perfect solution to form silage clamps:

  • Earth Bank Clamp system crates a safe working platform at the perimeter of the silage clamp to work from when sheeting and covering the clamp.
  • The sloping design allows for compacting machinery to compact directly up to the wall.
  • Surcharging is possible to increase silage clamp volume.
  • The Earth Bank Clamp system allows for simple and effective drainage solutions.

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