RECKLI Decorative Concrete

Features & Benefits

  • 4 Patterns Available
  • Cast into Our CLF12GS Range of Walls
  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • Wall Heights from 500mm to 3m
  • No Additional Construction Time or Cost
CBS Retaining Walls can offer RECKLI decorative concrete patterns to the visible face of our precast concrete retaining walls.

Product Overview

We have 4 patterns available which are cast into our CLF12GS range of walls. Precast units come in 1m wide sections with flat edges to ensure an uninterrupted wall pattern; wall heights range from 500mm to 3m.

As well as our standard patterns, you can choose from the vast range of RECKLI patterns from their range. The choice of patterns includes:

  • Abstract
  • Stone & Masonry
  • Wood
  • Plaster
  • Ribs & Waves
  • Functional

By using RECKLI concrete patterns cast directly into the precast retaining wall, you can achieve an architectural finish to the visible face of the retaining wall, without the need for additional costs or time in constructing a decorative skin on the wall.


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