CBS Concrete Products Ltd manufacture a variety of precast concrete products specifically for the retaining wall sector.  We produce an innovative Earth Bank Concrete Wall for ensiling silage.  CBS Grain Walls that interlock for the safe storage of cereals.  Plus our vertical L shape Agri-walls range for ensiling silage. .  These are just a small selection within a broad range of over 400 different types of retaining walls on offer.

Earth Bank Clamps

CBS have developed their own version of the “Traunsteiner silo”.  This is a silage clamp with angled walls leaning against an earth bank.

When compacting the silage (usually maize) the compacting machine can be driven right up to the edge of the wall, allowing an increase in compaction and a decrease in energy losses from the silage.

The Earth Bank Clamp is  3.10m in height, giving an overall useful height of 3m when placed at 23 degree angle.

CBS Concrete Products have a high manufacturing capacity as well as a large stock capacity, this means that we can provide very quick lead times.

Grain Walls

CBS Grain Walls are designed and produced for the storage of cereals.

The unique interlocking joint system means that the walls have extra rigidity and stability.

The tongue and groove interlocking design also means that it is not possible for contents on one side of the wall to pass through the middle and contaminate the contents on the other side viagra versand schweiz.

The wall itself is easy to move and transfer to a different location using a forklift, because of the recesses within the base of the structure.  These walls come at 3m and 4m height options.


The CBS Agri-Wall is our largest range that we manufacture.

Agri-walls are vertical walls ranging from 50 cm in height up to 6 meters!

We have supplied Agri-Walls to small livestock farmers’ right up to large scale anaerobic digestion plants throughout the UK and Europe.

Our Agri-Walls generally range in length from 2 metres to 5 metres, however specific lengths can also be made.  The curved top of the wall reduces the likelihood of tearing the sheets when ensiling silage.  The increased length of these elements also means that not as many joints need to be sealed up.  Finally, due to the self-weight of the element there is usually no need to bolt the wall down, reducing the installation costs.

CBS appeared in the magazine, “Landscape and Urban Design” in 2015, with information about our Agri-Walls. If you  haven’t had the chance to view it yet, click here to be taken to the page.

If you would like more information on the products that have been mentioned or on the other products or installation services we offer our clients here at CBS concrete products, then contact us today on: 0808 189 1258 or email us at: [email protected].