Modulo Blocks offer the perfect solution to create temporary storage bays and retaining walls.

The precast concrete blocks can be easily manoeuvred in to various positions to meet almost all requirements. They are also available with metal plating on one or more sides to increase the lifespan and prevent damage when used in harsh environments. We can provide you with an analysis report based on the density of the stored material to determine the safe limits of use.

Modulo Blocks are perfect for storing:

  • paper & cardboard
  • recycling materials
  • de-icing salt
  • hardening waste
  • old metals

  • green waste
  • compost
  • turf
  • fertilizers
  • sand & gravel

precast modulo blocks

Flexible construction with concrete blocks


Modulo Blocks Offer:

  • Flexible storage solutions
  • low cost, no fixing required
  • easily manoeuvred with supplied lifting attachments
  • Interlocking of blocks removes the need for any grouting
  • Metal plated blocks available to with

Technical Information