Free Standing Retaining Wall

Features & Benefits

  • Heights from 3m – 6m
  • Wall Lengths of 1m & 1.25m
  • Exceptional Concrete Strength C60/75
  • Chamfered Edges as standard
  • Free-Standing & Bolt-Down Options
Free standing retaining wall units feature interlocking tongue and groove joints, making them ideal for creating storage bays; with heights starting at 3m up to 6m.

Product Overview

The CBS free standing retaining walls feature a fully interlocking tongue & groove joint to enable fast installation and good alignment of the precast units.

The walls have been specifically designed for the storage of Cereals, Grain and other similar density materials.

  • Tongue & groove joint detail allows for an excellent connection between units allowing for a true straight run to be achieved with minimal effort and time.
  • Tongue & groove interlocking detail means that different materials can be stored at either side reducing the risk of contamination and materials passing through joints.
  • Recesses in the base allow for the units to be moved at any time via forklift.
  • 90° corners units are available in 3 metre heights.

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