What are CBS Concrete Products L-Type & T-Type Retaining Walls designed for?

CBS Concrete Products Precast concrete retaining walls are an ideal option for a wide range of applications and projects ranging from flood defence projects to hard landscaping, and anything in-between.

What are the benefits of the CBS retaining wall range, why are they unique to CBS Concrete Products and how can they save you money?

  • L-Type & T-Type retaining walls are available in lengths between 2,000mm and 6,000mm compared to 1,000mm competitor units. CBS retaining walls are also available in heights from 500mm to 6,000mm
  • L-type & T-type retaining walls are manufactured from a high quality C60/75 grade self-compacting concrete
  • The L-type & T-type retaining wall unit lengths results in less lifts on site when installing
  • The L-type & T-type retaining walls increased unit length reduces the number of joints that require sealing and maintaining
  • The L-type 7 T-type retaining wall units do not require expensive and complex foundations. No bolting/ resin anchor fixing to foundations are required, all that is needed is a laser level base in standard applications
  • CBS Can offer an installation service in which 100 linear metres can be installed per day
  • Due to the simple, fast and cost saving installation the Agri wall system can offer huge cost savings compared to other concrete retaining wall solutions such as an in situ poured concrete wall

L-type retaining walls

L- type retaining walls are designed to be loaded on only one side.

T-Type retaining walls

T-type retaining walls are designed to be loaded on both sides.

CBS Concrete Products have supplied many projects with precast concrete retaining walls across the entire UK, if you have a project that requires a retaining wall, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can offer free advice on the best products to meet your project needs.

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