Precast bund wallingCBS recently supplied precast concrete L type retaining walls to CLS Civil Engineering to form the required bund walling at the Bonby AD plant in North Lincolnshire.

The Bonby Anaerobic Digestion plant features digestate tanks installed below ground level. It was therefore the specification of the CBS Concrete Products L type retaining wall to support both the road adjacent to the wall but also act as a water-tight containment wall in the event of a digestate tank failure.

It was decided that the CBS Agri L type precast concrete retaining wall units at 3 metres in height and 2.5 metres in length would be the best solution for the project due to the high loading capabilities and the increased unit lengths. In comparison to competitor L type retaining wall systems that come in 1 metre length units, CBS retaining walls come in up to 6 metre length units thus allowing for a reduction in the number of lifts on site and the number of joints to seal.Concrete bund walling

The CBS L type retaining walls supplied to this project allowed for large cost savings to be made compared to competitor 3 metre tall units due to the reduction in number of joints to seal and lifts. This is particularly important when forming a water tight structure as the joints are always seen as the weak spot, if it is possible to reduce the number of joints then you are reducing the chance of the bund wall failing.

CBS Concrete Products retaining walls are manufactured from a high quality C60/75 grade self-compacting concrete that meets the most severe demands the resistance to acidic and corrosive environments.


The benefits of CBS retaining walls:

  • Units are manufactured from a high quality C60/75 grade self-compacting concrete
  • Units are available in heights and lengths up to 6 metres
  • Increased unit length compared to competitors reduces the number of joints that require sealing and maintaining
  • Extremely simple foundation requirements for the CBS retaining wall systems
  • Fast installation due to the reduced number of lifts on site, on average CBS can install up to 100 linear metres per day
  • Huge cost savings can be made due to the simple foundation requirements, fast installation and reduced number of joints

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