Interlocking Freestanding Retaining Walls

The idea behind the freestanding retaining walls is that you have a low cost retaining wall solution with a great deal of flexibility to suit your needs, should your needs change the wall can be easily moved to a more suitable position without the need for any costly foundations or groundworks.

With freestanding retaining walls you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the length of wall as you work e,g increase the length of a wall as you fill a storage area.

The advantage of the Interlocking element in a freestanding wall is the firm connection formed between units, the interlocking joint removes the small gap between the units preventing the need for any sealing to stop small particles such as grain or seeds passing through. This is especially useful if you plan on placing the walls on a floor that is not 100% level meaning any slight differences in the floor will not impact the gap between units.

Forming a true straight wall consisting of many units is simple and easy without the need of a string or laser guide as the units simply slot together.

The safety of the wall Is always of the upmost importance and the interlocking feature helps in the stability of freestanding walls that have no fixings to foundations viagra bestellen.

All our concrete walls adhere to British Standards

They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the L shape concrete walls and T shape concrete walls being the most common type of interlocking concrete walls asked for. They are connected with groove to groove or tongue and groove connections.

Interlocking Blocks

A bit like lego bricks, our modulo interlocking concrete blocks have little bumps on the top that fit neatly into little holes in the bottom, to aid stability and ease of alignment.

Having a wall made from concrete blocks that are slightly out of alignment can make a wall unstable. With modulo interlocking concrete blocks, the alignment is already considered, with uniform holes and bumps meaning that they stack in exactly the right place every time.

In addition, because of this simple design, you can erect a wall in record time, without the need to cement or other securing methods.

The benefits are:

  • Optimal distribution of wall pressure on the slab
  • Larger stability
  • Higher stackable height
  • Correct alignment every time
  • No additional securing required.

So if you are looking to speed up productivity and increase safety for your construction projects, then contact CBS Concrete for advice on the best solution for your project.