CBS Concrete Products re- visit the recently supplied and installed Silage Clamps and fruit storage bay at the Environment First Ltd Anaerobic Digestion plant near Maidstone.


CBS were tasked with supplying two silage clamps (open at both ends) each totalling 25 meters in length, along with a waste fruit storage bay.

CBS quickly came up with a suitable proposal to supply L- type retaining walls to form the fruit storage bay and a combination of Agri U walls and Agri L walls to form the silage clamps.

Agri U walls were chosen above Agri T walls to form the partition wall between the clamps due to the health and safety advantages they offer.

The unique Agri U wall system is only available from CBS Concrete Products in the UK, it is designed as a partition wall between silage clamps that is filled with soil after installation to form a safe working platform. The working platform also creates a storage area that can be used to store gravel bags or similar.

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CBS Agri Walls offer many advantages compared to competitor silage clamp wall systems such as:

  • Agri Walls come in lengths between 2-5 metres resulting in less lifts required on site (compared to competitor 1-metre length units)
  • Due to increased unit lengths, there are less joints to seal and subsequently maintain
  • Only a laser level foundation is required for the units to be placed on to, no fixing to foundations required for standard applications
  • Huge cost savings can be made due to the simple foundation requirements paired with the fast and simple installation
  • CBS Can offer a placement service in which an average of 70 – 100 linear metres can be placed in to final position per day, dependant on well prepared foundations and site conditions
  • Agri walls feature a unique rounded off upper edges to prevent tears and damage to any silage clamp sheeting
  • Bespoke length sections can be manufactured to suit your projects needs
  • Corner angles are possible
  • Modular system available allowing you to combine the Agri Wall range with the CBS Earth Bank Clamp System. All designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by CBS Concrete Products
  • Perfect for applications where space on site is limited


If you would like any more information on our Agri wall or Earth Bank Clamp silage clamp systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch on on: 01949 480 250 or email us at: [email protected].